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"people helping people"

At The Co-operative Life our purpose is  to get you back into life through the delivery of world class social care services.

Whether your needs are for long term disability support, a home care service, psycho-social support for independent living or short term support to get you back on your feet after an injury or hospital stay The Co-operative Life is available.

The Co-operative Life is a social enterprise - as described in our business name, The Co-operative Life is a co-operative - an employee-owned business which means our support workers are co-owners and have a vested interest in ensuring that our customers and business succeed.


Our business is about ensuring 'the prosperity of all'... for both our customers and our staff. Our business is NOT  driven by the demands of outside shareholders, instead it is designed to benefit those who use our service and the staff who provide the service. 


The Co-operative Life vision is to show an engaged, empowered, co-owned workforce can deliver a higher standards of  care, support to our customers and that we can flourish in the competitive conditions facing a modern community social care business.

NDIS Supports

The Co-operative Life is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (the NDIS). We can help you plan and manage some or all of the funding in your individual support plan.

MAC Home Care Packages

We believe that successful care and support has to be designed and delivered in a way that respects the expertise you have gained through your own experience. Our role is to listen deeply to you, your family and friends. We need to create a vision of what you want in your life now and in the future, and then act on this.

Support Coordination

Support coordinators help people and their families identify and obtain needed services and supports, regardless if these are natural supports, funded, or local community resources.  They also advocate for, monitor, and evaluate services along with the individuals, their families or guardians.


The Co-operative Life does things differently to most other traditional service providers. We believe in getting the right match between our staff and the customer. If we can get this right, then a great service will occur. We work to get right person, with the right skills, at the right time.


At The Co-operative Life we believe in a holistic approach to care. Holistic care is based on the philosophy that all parts of a person are interconnected. The support is centred around the understanding that each person is unique. This includes their current physical and emotional capabilities, their interest and hobbies, diet and exercise, social, demographic and geographical identity.


At The Co-operative Life, independent living refers to living arrangements for people who require support due to a disability, chronic illness or frailty. Independent living goes beyond accommodation. Its about what makes a home for each person.


With the introduction of the NDIS people living with a disability can direct decisions that impact their lives. The Co-operative Life allows people choice and flexibility to choose where they want to live. The Co-operative Life, as a registered provider for 'Daily Living and Shared Tasks' supports people with disability to live in the community.


Person Centred Active Support  and Self Organised Teams: 
With these two guiding principles, The Co-operative Life  is a productive, efficient and sustainable social care business with highly engaged, self-motivated empowered staff who can customise a satisfying and practical person-centred service.


The Co-operative Life is a Registered Provider with the NDIS and an Approved Provider for home care packaged under My Aged Care Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

The Co-operative Life

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