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At The Co-operative Life we believe in a holistic approach to care. Holistic care is based on the philosophy that all parts of a person are interconnected. The support is centred around the understanding that each person is unique. This includes their current physical and emotional capabilities, their interest and hobbies, diet and exercise, social, demographic and geographical identity.


You and your family's involvement in deciding what outcomes you want to pursue is important. Objectives will be agreed upon for developing your personal activities, social relationships, learning, independence, autonomy, health and home or any other aspects important to your quality of life.


Your participation, or engagement in activities is a big part of what we think of as quality of life; i.e. your participation:

  • helps you keep fit and mentally alert

  • allows you to express who you are

  • establishes common interest with other people

  • provides the basis for friendships and living together

  • develops your talent and allows you to show what you can do, and

  • is the means by which you look after yourself and your daily needs