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At The Co-operative Life, independent living refers to living arrangements for people who require support due to a disability, chronic illness or frailty. Independent living goes beyond accommodation. Its about what makes a home for each person.

We believe that independent living is what is needed to create and maintain a home for a person with a disability, chronic illness or frailty. 

Independent Living is particularly relevant for persons with significant daily limitations who may require substantial support in daily life.

There are many different ways Independent Living arrangements can be organised. Some have been set up by families and some by service providers.

At The Co-operative Life when it comes to our customer's needs we believe:

  • Independent living arrangements should only be implemented if it is the person's own choice and preference

  • Independent living should reflect the person's support needs and preferences to enable them to live an ordinary life

  • The living arrangements should not group people together unless it is the person's own choice and preference (i.e Group Homes of Residential Aged care facilities).