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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living is an integrated accommodation and support program that aims to prepare and support people in making a smooth transition to independent living, self-reliance through the provision of public or private rental accommodation.


With the introduction of the NDIS people living with a disability can direct decisions that impact their lives. The Co-operative Life allows people choice and flexibility to choose where they want to live. The Co-operative Life, as a registered provider for 'Daily Living and Shared Tasks', supports people with disability to live in the community with options similar to others.


People belong in communities. While the characteristic of community may vary, members interact with one another. They have the opportunity to forge the communal bonds and derive the benefits of community integration. People with a disability should be able to choose from a range of housing options available to everyone. They should also have an array of choices about where and whom they live.


‘Living more independently’ means living in a house (townhouse/duplex/apartment/other) where you get to decide what you do and how you live, and you only get as much support as you need. Read more



My Housing Preference (DOCX)


EHOP Guide (PDF)