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The Co-operative Life does things differently to most other traditional service providers. We believe in getting the right match between our staff and the customer. If we can get this right, then a great service will occur. We work to get right person, with the right skills, at the right time.


At The Cooperative Life, we believe a good relationship between our support worker and  yourself  is paramount. We focus on looking after both you and our staff. 


To facilitate this we make sure you are at the centre of your service. With you, we will help you identify your ongoing needs and making decision about what, who, how and when you receive your support.


At the same time, we allow our front line staff to act autonomously and responsibly to help  you with your day-to-day decisions - our staff create support bridges, to close the gap, between what the you can for yourself and what you cannot do, and where you need assistance.


This process happens as your support team works with you, so they can understand what  they need to do in their work, so you can take responsibility and ownership of your day-to-day life.