Employee-Owned Business 

Employee-owned co-operatives are formed to provide members with employment by owning a business. At The Co-operative Life our members are both the owners and employees, and are dedicated to ensuring the co-operative is successful, as it provides both their jobs and working conditions.


As our employee owners jobs become more fulfilling, more rewarding, and more difficult, they learn more about how the business runs and how decision’s impact on the Co-operative's performance. They have a more direct impact on the performance of their own work area and more responsibility and accountability for the Co-operative's performance as a whole. In return, the Co-operative seeks higher levels of initiative and customer focus from its workers.


We use a “TRUST” roadmap to help deliver our purpose.


  • Teach our employees the operating model

  • Reward them based on the performance of the business and their contribution to that performance

  • Unconditionally support their actions to develop a truly empowered environment

  • Share information so that everyone can make effective business decisions

  • Be Trustworthy by making and keeping commitments