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Purpose, Values & Principles

To get people back into life by providing world-class social care services and supports

TCL’s  purpose is to  create and maintain sustainable jobs and generating wealth, to improve the quality  of life of our worker-members, dignify human work, allow workers’ democratic self-management and promote community and local development.


Our purpose is very important to us and is part of our co-operative rules  which provide direction for the co-operative . They are referred to as Objectives:


  • Best practice in-home care services for frail or aged persons and persons living with physical, developmental or psycho-social disability,

  • Care, therapeutic and allied cultural or social services to communities, and


  • Secure and well-resourced employment, training and ownership opportunities for workers engaged in the delivery of care, therapeutic and allied services.

1. Voluntary and Open Membership

  • No barriers to gender, social, racial, political or religious affiliations


2. Democratic Member Control

  • Controlled by members

  • One member, one vote


3. Member Economic Participation

  • Members contribute equitably

  • Part of the capital is common property to the cooperative


4. Autonomy and Independence

  • Not controlled by government or other firms


5. Education, Training and Information

  • Provide education and training for members, employees, directors

  • Inform the public about co-operative businesses


6. Co-operation among Co-operatives

  • Coops work with other coops to strengthen the movement


7. Concern for Community

  • Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities

TCL's Purpose

Cooperative Values

1. Self Help

2. Self – Responsibility

3. Equality

4. Equity

5. Solidarity

Co-operative Principles