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National  Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

A new way for people with disability to get the care and support they need to live a better life.


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The NDIS divides disability supports into three categories. These categories are relevant for participants about how they can spend their support budgets, and for The Co-operative Life as Registered Providers when seeking payment for delivered supports.





Supports that enable participants to complete activities of daily living. Participant budgets often have a lot of flexibility to choose specific supports with their core support budgets, but cannot reallocate this funding for other support purposes (i.e. capital or capacity building supports).


At The Co-operative Life we provide core support 

in  the following categories:





An investment, such as assistive technologies - equipment, home or vehicle modifications, or for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Participant budgets for this support purpose are restricted to specific items identified in the participant’s plan. The NDIS publishes separate price guides for Assistive Technology and Specialist Disability Accommodation.

If living independently is one of your goals and you need to get SDA into your NDIS read more on Housing Plan for NDIS participants


A support that enables a participant to build their independence and skills. Participant budgets are allocated at a support category level  and must be used to achieve the goals set out in the participant’s plan.


We can provide the following capacity building supports:





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Supported Independent Living (SIL) Provider

Supported Independent Living is an integrated accommodation and support program that aims to prepare and support people in making a smooth transition to independent living, self reliance through the provision of public or private rental accommodation.


With the introduction of the NDIS people living with a disability can direct decisions that impact their lives. The Co-operative Life allows people choice and flexibility to choose where they want to live. The Co-operative Life, as a registered provider for 'Daily Living and Shared Tasks' support people with disability to live in the community with options similar to others.


People belong in communities. While the characteristic of community may vary, members interact with one another. They have the opportunity to forge the communal bonds and derive the benefits of community integration. People with a disability should be able to choose from a range of housing options available to everyone. They should also have an array of choices about where and whom they live.


‘Living more independently’ means living in a house

(townhouse/duplex/apartment/other) where you get

to decide what you do and how you live, and you only

get as much support as you need. Read more



For the pricing guide for services in 2019-2020, please click here


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The National Disability Insurance Scheme gives people with disability choice and control over the supports they receive. 140,000 people in New South Wales will receive support under the NDIS. This includes 95,000 people who currently receive disability supports. $6.4 billion a year will be spent in New South Wales on disability supports under the NDIS. This is a significant increase from previous levels of funding.


The Co-operative Life is a 'Registered Provider' with the NDIS.  This means we:

  •  can provide supports to participants with agency-managed plans, and

  • are subject to the NDIS Terms of Business for Registered Support Providers .


To read more about the NDIS Terms of Business for Registered Providers read The NDIS Terms of Business.

For more information on access and eligibility, visit the NDIS web page at http://ndis.nsw.gov.au