In Australia the demand for non-residential home care support is on the rise, we have an ageing population with the desire, by many, to live independently and well. Combined with ongoing workforce shortages and an inability to meet increasing demands for high quality social support, a small group of support workers took matters into their own hands. They founded The Co-operative Life Ltd to provide individualised, affordable, quality service and support in a supportive and empowering work environment.

The Co-operative Life (formerly Co-operative Home Care) established as an employee co-operative in  2013 to address the challenges facing the care sector.


This included:

  • Engaging worker members in operational decision making such as rosters, budgets and designing individual support plans and providing an autonomous working environment where worker members have more control over their work

  • Providing a supportive work environment through localised teams  which enable worker members to work locally in their communities

  • Providing high quality and consistent care and support to build trusted relationships with customers through empowered and engaged worker members.

In 2017, we converted from a non distributing co-operative without share capital to a distributing co-operative with share capital. In light of these changes we also changed out name to The Co-operative Life Ltd. 


Share capital is a way of rewarding our members, who are co-owners and have given a financial commitment to ensure the  success of our business. Members are required to buy shares in the business, and the shares can provide a means of distributing profit through the payment of dividends to members/co-owners. As shareholder, members have a stronger ownership connection to their co-operative.