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The Co-operative Life is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme or the NDIS. We provide  Financial Administration (previously referred to as Financial Intermediary)


The Co-operative Life  undertake financial administration of a plan on behalf of a participant and manage some or all of your funding in your individual support plan.

Plan Management – Financial Administration funding includes a setup fee to establish the payment arrangements with providers and a monthly processing fee. This support assists a participant by: 

  • Giving increased control over plan implementation and utilisation with plan financial assistance.

  • Managing and monitoring budgets over the course of the plan

  • Managing NDIS claims and paying providers for delivered service

  • Maintaining records and producing regular statements showing the financial position of the plan

  • Providing advice on commercial terms within service agreements

  • Providing access to a wider range of service providers, including non-registered providers whilst remaining in line with the price limits contained within this Guide.

Our Plan Managers / Financial Administrators  have bookkeeping/accounting skills and we built  a system for efficiently processing payments on behalf of a participant.