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Support Coordination


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Support coordinators help people and their families identify and obtain needed services and supports, regardless if these are natural supports, funded, or local community resources. They also advocate for, monitor, and evaluate services along with the individuals, their families or guardians.

A key role of the support coordinator is to assist people with the process and paperwork necessary to obtain services. The system of multiple agencies providing services to persons with disabilities can be complex and confusing. Support coordinators provide a 'single point of entry' into services.


Support coordinators should utilise and strengthen formal and informal resources. Informal resources include family, friends, co- workers and neighbours (The Arc, 1990).


Support coordinators conduct the following activities:

  • Planning support

  • Linking resources

  • Quality enhancement

  • Documentation

  • Personal plan mentoring

  • Transition planning

  • Building relationships

  • Networking